On July 1, 2016, J Bar G Farms trucking company ceased operation and Jerry came home. We have started a new venture, At Your Service Home & Lawn LLC. Jerry and the boys are working together learning from each other and having a wonderful time. 

J Bar G Farms' First Truck 

J Bar G Farms purchased its first "BigTruck" in August of 2005.  We used it primarily for hauling cattle in the Midwest United States. However, we hauled small squares, big square and big round bales of hay on occasion, too. We retired this truck March of 2009. This is a 1993 FLD120 Flat top with a 425 hp (at least it once was) B Model Mechanical Cat Engine, and Eaton Super 10 transmission. She sure is a good ole truck.

The Freightliner Upgrade 

We put this one on the road the first of March 2009.  Shinier wheels and tanks, a little fancier and a more comfortable seat and the driver is happy again!  This is a 1999 Freightliner Classic. We pull a 52 ft 2008 Wilson Silverstar bullrack.

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