I've been thinking for sometime that I should share some thoughts with others. The events of the past few days have left me wondering if there is anyone out there curious of the happenings on a farm.

Tonight, I saw the Sun, but at first glance I thought it was the Rayne. They live in the back now and look for the hand that fed them. She doesn't come to gate anymore. She doesn't slip the treats in their mouths from her pocket or in the bowl by the gate after everyone else is asleep in their huts. They still look for her though. I try to touch them like she would. It isn't their fault that she doesn't come to greet them anymore. She told them she loved them but actions speak louder than words.

"Life is about choices," I've been known to say that. Kidding season brings a lot of hard choices. However, thankfully, a friend found out today that all of her Nubian bucks tested G6S normal. This will make some choices not only easier but a whole lot more pleasant. Congratulations, dear friend!

My choices are going to be much harder I fear. We are kidding a huge number of goats this year and there is no way to keep them all. I have some purchased some incredible bucks and want to keep several kids so many does will have to go. Sadly, I suppose that is just part of it.

Morning comes early. There are small eyes looking at me and little girls to be washed. Tomorrow is a new day and they are calling for snow....

Snow pictures could be fun!