The year of 2010 was a year of lessons. So many, that I could not possibly enumerate them all here. However, one of which is a parenting lesson. I have known for many years that children do not value what they have not earned or paid for themselves. My mistake, most recently, has been thinking that an investment of time and work was the same as money. When parents 'loan' money, it is just like with adults, and when one gets in so deep it is no longer 'real' and, therefore, no end in sight. So, either they throw it all in (go bankrupt) or they just keep using until the bank is broken, and those children are still living with their parents at the age of thirty!

The past few weeks I have been catching-up with all of the things that I was told were 'done' by children, however, they weren't. How disappointing? Very. They want to 'work' for others to earn money, yet, the same tasks go undone (and better yet, lied about) because paying for feed, gas, show fees, supplies and every possible need (and several good-for-nothing wants) isn't good enough. How have we, Americans, raised a generation of children that are so unappreciative of everything? Where does it end? I have several more children to work on these issues with. I will be prayerfully asking for the answers to those questions. I will also be remembering the piece of advice that I have been given most by 'old-timers' that have finished this job long before me...."If I had it all to do over....I'd give them less." Wow, I'm pondering that again.