Well, we have been VERY busy around here. Kidding started about the middle of Febrauary and I have barely had time to catch my breath. Somewhere back there my cell phone broke (only where you plug it in to charge it...of course) and I got a new one with a 4 megapixel camera. That is the handiest little dude ever. I have been able to snap several candids of the things I see everyday and am overwhelmed with joy by. Please, take the time to look through the pictures.

This is "Bob" and Pergamus. Bob has no tail, naturally, and thereby is so named. (We are a real creative bunch around here, huh? LOL) Pergamus is my daughter's cat because I do not have cats. I don't like cats. However, when I happened upon them the other day, I couldn't help but take this picture. The weather has been so unpredictable that all creatures, great and small here have had difficulty dealing with the mood swings of the weather.  They are funny...

Happy Mother's day to me...that's his story anyway. I found it, found a way to
pay for it, went and got it (the day after Mother's Day) and two days later...It was, "By the way, that was your Mother's Day..." Okay, great. The truth is I don't care what the occasion or circumstances around it getting here were...I am sure glad it's here.
As the children get older and move along to do their "own thing" my "work force" grows smaller and I find it necessary to find ways to ease my own burden when I am doing chores myself. As I have always told my kids..."Any job is easy..if you have the right tools!" I am a tool person. I now have a new one! I love it...Did I mention it's 4 wheel drive...;-D

On May 8, 2011 our LGD, Queen, had 8 puppies. One week later we are down to 7 but that's okay. We have wormed her and are feeding her high fat and protein dog food to help her maintain herself while she provides for these little ones. She weaned 2 the last go 'round and we have heard back from both of the homes they went to. They are very pleased with the intellegence and personality of these dogs. These pups should be weaned the end of June.

Okay, everyone, now it is time to use your imagination!! This is my new kidding barn. Well, it's a start anyway. I am just proud that we have it started. Check back, I'll keep everyone posted on the progress. Listen closely, you'll hear me "Yippeee!!" When it is finished. Kidding this year was a challenge at best. On more than one occasion we had 2 or 3 goats kidding at the same time!! It was an all out race to see who would make it first and then deal with the kids while the next one was getting down to business. Thanks, Jerry.

I did not plant this for their pleasure!! Darn cats!! Yes, if you look closely, you will see there are TWO cats in my patio planter!! Have I mentioned I don't like cats?