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New kids are still coming...

 Coco is due to kid in October...

Kidding Updates...

Magnolia (Nubian) had twin bucklings on February 14th. They are both available for sale inmediately as I have purchased two LaMancha bucklings for use in the Fall and am in need of the milk! One of them is spotted and the other is a honey-colored traditional. Contact me for a great deal! They are ADGA registerable. SOLD Thanks Brickers!

Celebration (Nigerian) had buck/doe twins on February 22nd. The 2.65 lb. white/gold doeling will be retained and the 3.44 lb. gold buckling will be for sale. He is polled. He is sired by JJ and his dam is really putting the milk in the pail. I will be one-day milk testing her at the AGPA show the end of April and have no doubt she will star! At that point, this boy will inherit the *S title behind his name. He is currently priced at $200. Update: The buckling is polled and wonderful! His dam is producing milk better than any of my other does. She is on DHI and will participate in a One-day Milk test in April. She will easily star. The boy's name is "Pine Shadows Kin Ring Sackett". SOLD She sister's name is "Pine Shadows JJ Echo Sackett" and is most-definately retained!

Yada (LaMancha) had buck/doe twins February 26th. The doeling, that looks just like her mother, will be retained. The white buckling is for sale. Yada's mammary has improved in capacity as this is her second freshening. She has the most plumb teats of any goat I have ever put my hands on! This boy would definately improve udders in these areas. He is available for immediate sale also. We are bottle feeding all kids and would like to reduce the work load. Priced to sell quickly for this reason. If you have extra milk and are in need of a new herd sire, contact us. Update: Yada's daughter will be retained as her dam is producing better than last year and is on DHI. Her name will be "Proclaim*Him Bountifully EZ". I call her Ditto because she looks exactly like Yada. Yada's sale is pending.

Roany...Roany...Roany, "Come on, Girl!" On March 3, Roany had a single 8.6 Lb. buckling. As a first freshener, she had triplet bucklings. As a second freshener she had twin bucklings and as a third freshener she had a single buckling! Prayerfully, next year will be her doe year! She has a nice udder and rich milk, it would be nice to reproduce her...without horns. :-S We have to look everyday and make sure she's not stuck in the hay feeder. Roany's boy presented with a foreleg turned back during delivery and he was awfully big but we were able to ease him out and Roany is feeling better the day after. Update: Roany and her baby went to live at a new milking home with another horned doe. She is adjusting well and her new owner is appreciating Roany's many qualities! Roany is sold.

Thanks Adrienne and family!

Majesty kidded March 18th. The day before her due date. She had Buck/doe twins. The doe is a blue-eyed solid chamoisee that will find her home here. She was sired by Fred. The buckling is black with a little white. Both are absolutely wonderful and growing well. Majesty is milking well for her second freshening and will be participating in a one-day milk test in April as well as being on DHI this year at home. Fred's dam just freshened again also and is supposed to be milk-tested soon also. When Fred receives his star and after Majesty stars, this flashy boy will have his star also. We'll keep you posted! Majesty's boy was sold to sire his own kids! Majesty's doe kid, Fredonia, will be bred for spring 2012 kids.

Zaphirah (LaMancha) and Candy both jockied for position on March 19th as to who would kid first. Zaphirah won by, maybe, an hour. Zaphirah was hiding THREE little ones in there! The first came "upside-down" (not backwards). He was stressed and had already evacuated in the fluid by the time were able to turn him as he came out. It was quite tramatic for her but at this writing she is milking and eating well! The second was another buckling and the 3rd was a beautiful little doeling that will be named "Proclaim*Him Blissfully EZ". They were all similar in color, a tan-grey. Zaphirah has been sold.

Candy had triplets also. First was her beautiful BIG doeling "JBarG Farms Moon Pie". She is chocolate brown with white spread around and a lovely moonspot on her hip. Next she had a little black buckling with white, very similar to Majesty's, only smaller. After several minutes Katie yelled, "Mom! Here comes another one!" Sure enough, Zorro was born. He is a white and black buckskin that was named by the children because of his "mask". He had one ear that took him a day or two to pick up so he was quite the cutie! She is a first freshener and will turn 3 in May. She miscarried quads last year. Her udder is lovely with a strong MSL. She is really a producer. She was well worth waiting for! Congratulations Candy on a job well done.

Rayne (LaMancha), Sky and Alikat kidded March 25, 2011. Rayne kidded outside in the pen in a blowing, hailing, thunderstorm Friday morning, 3/25/2011. She had two lovely little doelings. One is black roan and the other is cream colored. Rayne is a first freshener with lovely little udder. Her teats are spaced and positioned properly. Lovely, lovely. The roan doeling's name is Proclaim*Him Blew Reign EZ. It was an amazing storm! Rayne you are the one! We will be breeding both of Rayne's doelings to kid in May of 2012.

Sky had "lost her ligaments" this morning when I did the rounds. She kidded a couple hours later in the kidding pen in the barn. Both of her babies came hind feet first. Two black and white kids, one doe and one buck, both blue-eyed. Doeling will be retained because Sky has the longest teats that are lovely to milk and the buckling will join the ranks with the many others for this year. UPDATE: Sky's buckling will be going to one of my favorite people, Rex Brick!  Thanks, Rex! We are a little light in the doe department for '11.

Alikat's kids were born in the "goose" house. Two more bucklings join group in the playpen. One of Alikat's bucklings SOLD. Thanks, Karin!!  Alikat is for sale. I will be hand milking her until she is sold. Ali Kat was Sold...Thanks Lyn!!

Gherkin kidded March 28, 2011. Her first was a lovely little gold and white doeling and next came the black and white/blue-eyed little buckling that caused lots of commotion! He  made his presentaion with just hooves. Upon investigation his head turned back over his shoulder. It so happened I was away (taking Jerry back to his truck) and my daughter, Katie, was left to handle this. With grace and finesse, she was able to return the hooves and find the nose and Gherkin was able to safely deliver a beautiful, black and white, blue-eyed boy that I dubbed "Looker". That's short for JBarG Farms No Looking Back. His sister's name is just Sweet Pickle, after her mother. She will be retained. Looker is for sale for $250. Looker is pictured to the left. Looker's sale is pending. (Also Gherkin's horns were banded on August 26, 2011. We are anxiously awaiting their removal. She is the only horned goat living here....and she knows it!)

Aspen kidded on March 30th. We were doing chores and I had just checked her and found that her ligaments were "missing" and had stated it would be that day. Katie and I were in the kitchen in the barn making up bottles and she gasped and said, "MOM!" I looked out the window to see Aspen on the ground pushing! I got there in time to help her ease out a single 4.5# buckling! His sire was a buck we had for a short time that we called "Sunny D", so Jerry said because of his orange coloring we needed to call him Tang. (If you were raised in the 70's, it was a *nasty* instant orange drink that Jerry reminded me was drunk by the astronauts.)

Dove...(April 4, 2011) well, Dove was standing there one minute looking at me, I turned to feed some kids in another direction and I heard a noise. It was a familiar noise. I thought, "It sounds like someone is kidding." I started looking in the pregnancy pen and, sure enough, Dove was in the hut pushing! I ran around and was there as she pushed out the doeling and a few minutes later the buckling. Fred is the sire to these kids. At present, I am taking stock of all of Fred's kids before offering them for sale. These are lovely kids also. I am very pleased... (Dove's buckling was sold. Her doeling, Skor, will be retained to freshen in 2012.)

Sugar kidded May 6, 2011 with doe/buck twins. The birth was somewhat coomplicated as the first came footling breech and had locked necks with the second. Therefore, the first (doe, of course) drown before the problem was caught and the tangle released. Sugar's buckling is available. He was sired by Benedict. Sugar's buckling has been SOLD.

Ebony kidded May 17th with triplets. One doe and two bucklings. They were sired by our friend's buck Prairie Wood Strut'n My Stuff. They are very flashy black and white and 2 with blue eyes. Thanks, Lou! Ebony's buckling is the only one we have left from the spring kids. Her doeling, Ebony Blanca, will be retained to kid in 2012.

Carmen chose a cool beautiful morning to give birth to our first set of QUADS!! Sired by my favorite boy JJ! These are our first JJ kids to bear our herd name. There were 3 does and 1 buck. The littlest girl kept turning over to look up at us so I had to name her "Flip". The buckling I call Wilson. My daughter Katie got her choice of kid from Carmen and she chose the chamoisee doeling and named her Essie. The largest girl is buckskin and we call her Topaz. As I am anxiously awaiting laying my eyes on a JJ daughter udder these girls will stay in my reach at least until they freshen once. Wilson has been sold as a herd sire.

Golden Cleo took care of herself the day we were away to the SMDGA Quad Show in Neosho, MO on June 18th. She had twin bucklings also sired by JJ. We call the gold roan boy Eustace and his sale is pending. 

Night kidded July 3rd with twin bucklings sired by JJ also. This year has certainly been buck heavy!! She has an adorable little udder that has nice, milkable teats. She, like all the girls are on DHI this year.

Coco is due to kid in mid-October and bred to Troubadour.

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