updated 11/12/2010

Here are the Boys 

 Nigerian Dwarfs

Prairie Wood NdulaFredrickIII

(Sire: MCH Prairie Wood Pinnacle Blues +S  Dam: Desert Star Ranch Treasure

(SS: Flat Rocks Prairie Hawk SD: MCH MK Ginger VAS) 

 (DS: MYS Fancys Mr Incredible Hulk DD: Desertwinds Sydney Bristol)

DOB 4/17/2008

I was sold on Fred when I saw a picture of his dam's udder. I wanted those genetics for my girls! The fact that he looks regal is an added plus! We have one of his daughters on the juniors page. Check the breedings page for the does that we plan breedings with this year. 


Dixie Blossum HA Sunshine's De

Sire: Dixie Blossum MOC Happy Appy   Dam: Redbud CV Country Sunshine

SS: Redbud Miles of Chocolate   SD: Dixie Blossum Shelby

DS: Silveraurora JC Valmont*S   DD: Redbud S/E Chenille

We were given the opportunity to bring Sunny into our herd. He was bred and used by our friends, Jamie and Cindy Gaskins and family in Bald Knob, AR. We are glad to add him to the slate of bucks we are using this fall.

We'll try to take a better picture soon. Right now is not a good time. :-)


Duncan's Darlins Java 

(Sire: TYNY Starbuck   Dam: TYNY Sabrina)

DOB 2/5/2009

Photo Coming Soon 

Java has Green Gate on both sides and he is brown-eyed. 


JBarG Scottie's Majestic Royal

(Sire: Peppermint Hill Farm Scottie   Dam: Peppermint Hill Farm Majesty M)


Royal is all we hoped (except blue-eyed, like his dad). He is magnificent...conformation, ears...everything.



*B Lynnhaven Ice Onyx Brigadier

Brig is a very dairy, long bodied fellow. Simply dripping with dairy character. I cannot wait to see what his daughters' udders & milk production are like!

These are two of Brigadier's daughters from his previous herd. They are both from the same dam just different years. Pictures are courtesy of Proverbial Caprine, Ashland, MO

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