Last updated May 13, 2012

I had been seeking after a buck from Sharon Warren's Desertnanny (formerly Esperanza) herd for a long time. I greatly admire the long-term Nigerian Dwarf breeders that continue to work hard to prove the worth of this noble breed by participating in DHI (Dairy Herd Improvement) programs in multiple registries.

Last fall I was able to locate and procure an adult buck of Sharon's breeding in Nebraska. My good friend, Lou, went to NE with me one weekend and we brought Scooner home. When we arrived here he was eager to start work and in the spring of 2012 we began seeing his first beautiful babies here! Thank you, Shelene for selling him to me!!

*B Desertnanny BF Scooner *S

His parents:

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Photo coutesy of Sharon Warren of Desertnanny

4*M Desertnanny BR ShoeFlyPie 4*D

2010 ADGA and AGS one-day milk test:

3.3#, 6.38% BF, 4.74% Pro at 48 days

Photo courtesy of Sharon Warren of Desertnanny 

*B Desertnanny JK BlueFlame *S

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