The animals here have played some significant part in our mission here. They are someone's sire or dam, or were one of our firsts, or are someone that we have loved.

A Proverbial Caprine SS Becca

DOB 1/28/2005

G6S Normal

Becca came to us after kidding her buck/doe twins, which we also have. She had a pregnancy related health issue and has since been dried off to rest and be a pen partner to Magnolia before she kids in February. We have her daughter on the bottle and will be breeding her when the time comes also. Her son will be a wonderful companion. Yogi would have been wonderful herdsire material but, sadly, was wethered two days before we brought them home.


Becca succombed to pneumonia 3/18/2011. She was a wonderful friend and will be very sadly missed. Just looking at her daughter helps me, though, because she is the spitting image of Becca.

Prairie Wood Aces High *S

(Sire: MCH Prairie Wood Pinnacle Blues +S  Dam: MK Rehum OB *D)

Ace is the half-sister to our Sky and we bred him to several of our does this Fall.


Peppermint Hill Scottie


 Scottie was a very gentle, and good boy.  We had him a very short period of time but enjoyed him greatly.  He died of pneumonia two weeks to the day of when we got him. Majesty was the only breeding that happened and we kept both of her kids for that reason. So, Scottie's Queen Gorgeous is on the Jr. Doe page and Scottie's Majestic Royal is on the Buck page. He had Starbucks and Caliope Acres genes.


Pine Haven Fondue

DOB 2/24/2008

Fondue has merely moved to a new home. We are glad to hear from her new owner that she is loved and doing well.


Jeran's Huckleberry Blue 

(Sire: Goathead Hill Cadillac Jack   Dam: Shamrock Mercedes Benz)


Huck was one of our most virile bucks. He loved the ladies and, we believe, his goal was to breed every doe we own! He foiled our plans more than once.

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