Sadie was the most faithful girl we have had to date. She came to us 6 years ago as a rescue. She was with a large family but, as happens when some dogs age, she became afraid of thunder, lightning and gunfire. Her former owner could not abide her tearing the screens of their home as she was trying to get in during storms. Word came to us they would give her to a good home, otherwise they were going to shoot her. Ugh. Needless to say, she found a forever home here with our animals and children. We purchased a female puppy, Queen, at the same time we got her.  Sadie taught Queen the ropes and kept her in check. It amazed us how Queen would lay back and wait for Sadie to finish eating before she would ever approach the feed pan. Sadie demanded respect and she got it.

(There's more in the be added later)

As last year waned, it was obvious to us that Sadie was waning too. In November we purchased another Pyr puppy, Sparks. We wanted to give him time with the big girls before the matriarch was gone. Sadie had very little interest in teaching another puppy. She just didn't have the energy anymore. However, Queen has taken him in hand and is bringing him up in the way. Sparks was good for Queen too. She has, in ways, refused to act her age, now 6, and acted the "puppy part". Now we watch them romp and play together when there isn't "work" to command their attention.

One morning in the beginning of April Sadie had crawled under the pickup for shelter, which wasn't unusual at all. However, when the kids went to feed her she couldn't come out. They had to help her out of there so Dad could move the truck. For two weeks, they took her food and water, moved her to "her porch" during the rains and moved her back when the rain was gone. She drank a little more milk than usual and was pampered and talked to everyday. After a week of this there was much discussion as to whether or not we should call Dr. Baker, our vet, and have him put her down. We had one child that was totally against it and so the waiting continued. Seth was adamant that she not be shot because of her paralyzing fear of guns, so, the kids were now torn with each other. Finally, on April 15th my daughter called, as I was in town,  and told me it was time to call the vet. I told her okay. We did and awaited his arrival. The Lord gave us a distraction that day as Carmen was in labor, getting ready to have her long-awaited kids. As we were watching her give birth to triplets in the garden all  was excitement. Our daughter, Katie, walked up with a look of sadness on her face to tell us Sadie was gone. Carmen had three doelings. Two we knew we would sell and one struck us all at birth. As we struggled to choose a name for her my daughter, Hannah, suggested we name her after Sadie. When I approached the others with the idea they discussed it and decided it would be a fitting memorial to her. We would never name another dog "Sadie" but we could name a baby goat that arrived at her passing after the greatest dog. Thanks, Sadie. You will be sorely missed.

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