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Goats for sale....see below....

Major changes coming. . .

We have been on the learning curve this past year and things are about to change around here.

G6S may be the 'dirty little secret' of the Nubian world but . . .

 we don't want it around here.


If you don't know what G6S is

Click here to read how it affected one herd.

This link will explain more about it.

 Registered Nubians

We have ADGA registered and unregistered Nubian goats.  Here are the Registered Nubian does that we have right now. We love the Nubian breed and have chosen to keep and breed registered goats to preserve all of their wonderful characteristics.  Also, we have several children and they are interested in showing dairy goats.  We love those floppy ears!  Nothing will tickle your heart faster than to see a bunch of "flop-earred" goats running toward you looking like they are happy to see you.  I will try to introduce the girls to you.  Thanks so much for looking.  When we have kids available, look for them on the For Sale page.

Some New Faces  

Nubilop-Acres Va Va Voom Lady and Nubilop-Acres Sweet Victory

We recently purchased two Beautiful yearling milkers from Nubilop-Acres in Nebraska when they dispersed their herd after breeding Nubians for over 30 years. We have them clipped up and have attended one show and are scheduled to attend two more with them this year.

We plan to get new photos of all does ASAP.

White's Grazing Acres Rockstar

DOB 3/14/2009

G6S Normal

Star is the sweetest girl! She is the typical bottle raised doeling. We were walking through the barn lot and Doll picked up a leaf and she stretched herself out to get it. She comes from good milk lines.

I have added LaManchas this year and have decided to move the grade Nubians on to famiy milking homes. The children are showing and are getting serious about it and we just need the room. Star and Shirley are for sale along with Katie and Heidi. All 4 are confirmed "pregnant" through BioTracking and have current CAE negative tests (with titer counts). Clementine will be for sale also as soon as she is confirmed bred. 

Grade Nubians

We keep our grade goats merely because we like them or some other functional purpose.  When it comes right down to it, functionality is a major goal. We do try to keep animals that look consistent.  We like the ears! Our goal is not to be eclectic.


JBarG Farms RG Shirley


Shirley is bred to NoM

Shirley is bred to NoMo and is confirmed "pregnant" by BioTracking. She is also CAE Negative by current test. She is currently FOR SALE. This will be her second freshening. 

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