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I am in the process of building individual pages for everyone. When that is done this page will be disabled. Until then a list of all of our currently owned goats appears on the Herd Books page.

The Girls 


Prairie Wood Sky *D AR2566


(Sire: Kaapio Acre's BT Racketeer +*S   Dam: MCH MK Ginger VAS)

DOB 3/3/2006

We are thrilled to add this sweet, blue-eyed doe to our herd! Sky comes from the Prairie Wood Herd in New Mexico. She and her half-sister, Carmen, have beautiful "dairy" mothers and are daughters of Kaapio Acre's BT Racketeer+*S. Sky's dam is MCH MK Ginger VAS. Carmen's dam Prairie Wood Angel*D/1*M. These girls come to us courtesy of Cyndi Bankster Orr. Thank you!


Prairie Wood Carmen 2*D AR2570


(Sire: Kaapio Acre's BT Racketeer +*S   Dam: Prairie Wood Angel *D)

DOB 3/22/2006

Carmen, like Coco, earned her milk star from AGS. We will test her in ADGA in the Spring since she had been fresh nearly 5 months by the time we got the test done! Yeah Carmen!~!

Carmen is our eccentric goat. She thinks she is human. She is an acrobat, too. I have seen her stand flat-footed and jump to the top of the hay feeder (about 4 ft. high). Wow! Now that was impressive, she was extremely graceful about it, too.

Here's Carmen trying to give kisses to our friends' baby. My daughter, Doll, is holding Sarah.

Carmen has endeared herself in my eyes forever by giving birth to our little Sadie! 

 Candy and Majesty were the first Nigerian Dwarfs we purchased.  They are still near and dear to us. We recently read a story on Antiquity Oaks website about one of their does that was over 3 before she freshened for the first time! Candy freshened at almost 3 in March of 2011. She has been in milk over a year! And she received her AR (Advanced Registry) status on her FIRST lactation!!! Way to go Candy!! Love ya, Girl!

This is Aspen. She is Majesty's littermate sister.

 Majesty is a very sweet doe.  We happened upon not only her full sister but littermate, Aspen, recently. Aspen is a second freshener and a little more productive than Maj but just as willing. We have great plans for milk testing them both so they can receive the stars and recognition they deserve. (Update: They both did it!! yeah!!!)


Prairie Wood Autumn Mist


 Sire: Prairie Wood PuttinOnTheRitz   Dam: Prairie Wood Amber 2*D

DOB 9/6/2008

 Autumn is the niece of our Carmen. Her dam, Amber, is a full Angel X Racketeer sister to Carmen.

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