The Future JBarG Does

We have retained a sampling of our own doelings this year and acquired some young stock from other herds. Our focus for the future is MILK! Two does earned their milk stars (Coco, in both registries and Carmen in with AGS) in 2010 several more will have their stars after finishing their 2011 lactations that are still in progress.  We have been very encouraged by our first fresheners, both ND, Nubian and LaMancha and are looking forward to what the future holds for these girls! Here is a glimpse of the up and coming....

There is a total of 18 jr. ND does that belong on this page! Night and Redleaf have freshened and will be moved to the Senior doe page soon. Check the Breeding Chart to see when these girls will freshen. Many will be for sale after freshening.

updated 11/23/2011

Night is just that, black as night with a small 'moon' of white on either side. The blue is, of course, her blue eyes. We were very pleased with the black and white mix with him and Sky that resulted in Amy (shown below). Night was bottle-raised and very friendly and eager for attention.

Night will be in the breeding pen with Sunny soon.


Meadowstar Arrow's Blue Quiver


(Sire: Prairie Wood NdulaFredrickIII  Dam: Prairie Wood Southern Arrow)

DOB 3/15/2010


 Quiver is a golden colored, blue-eyed doe out of Fred. We now have 2 Fred daughters out of two different does. There are plans to have 4 more does bred to Fred for spring. If all goes well, Quiver will freshen this spring also.

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