La Mancha Does

It was the desire of one of my daughters to have La Manchas. We acquired a few and Jerry and I had a hard time liking them.  They wouldn't stay in and were always underfoot and in your face. The daughter left home and "Voila!", now, they stay in and are docile and easily managed. Tim Pruitt is right. It IS 20% genetics and 80% management. ;-)

Our Maker's Acres GUD Lilly

Four-Oaks Corey's Cream

Forrest-Pride Cookies-N-Cream

Forrest-Pride WW Cleopatra

Forrest-Pride WW Wildfire

Blue Moon Acres Rayne


Lamancha Bucks

I have fallen to the passion of most of my 'goat' friends and am now in love with bucks! I love to stand and admire their beautiful structure, massive heads, and the wonderful way they move about. It matters not whether it is a standard size buck or a Nigerian Dwarf, they are equally as lovely to me.

Forrest-Pride Legacy's Legend

The Camaro

4Oaks Rhadames Peppone


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