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JJ is a beautiful buck. He is very "dairy" where Scooner is very masculine. They both have plenty of MILK to back them up! We have several JJ daughters on the ground from last year and are looking forward to freshening them in the Fall of 2012. JJ had a hard year in 2011. We clipped him for a show in May. He is so light-colored that the sun took its toll and I believe he dealt with some deficiencies regardless of regular copper-bolusing. However, as the winter of 2011-12 progressed he seemed to thrive and is looking the best he has with us. We are planning to breed him to a handful of does for Fall 2012 kidding also.

Fairlea Jean-Jacques*S

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His Parents:

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3*M Fairlea Fleur 3*D

I bought JJ because of this goat. She is graceful and beautiful. JJ's soft eyes and loving expression I only imagine come from his dam.

Photos by Joanne Karohl


PromisedLand Incredible Hunk *S

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Photos by Joanne Karohl

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