Clicking on each colored name will either take you to their pedigree or their individual page. Individual pages are under construction for all!

There are a LOT of animals yet to be listed here!!

We have these breeds as well at Mini-Nubians, Saanens and Mini-Saanens

Last updated March 29, 2015


Sr. Does

Triple Moon Majickal Abigail

Nigerian Dwarves

Sr. Bucks

Jr. Bucks

Sr. Does

1*M Prairie Wood Sky *D

2*M Prairie Wood Carmen 2*D

Peppermint Hill Farm Atlanta

1*M Starbucks Farm Dove Chocolate *D

Prairie Wood Autumn Mist

Starbucks Farm SC Kemptie

Meadowstar Arrow's Blue Quiver

 Jr. Does

Pine Shadows HB Charlotte (Polled)

JBarG Maj's Fredonia

JBarG SC Let's Party

La Manchas


Four-Oaks Corey's Suede

Sr. Does

Four-Oaks Corey's Cream

4Oaks Peppers Salty Amneris

JBarG LL Wildfire

 Jr. Does


All are MDGA registered

Sr. Buck

JBarG Farms S Salty's Frankincense F1 (Blue-eyes)

Jr. Buck

Jr. Does

JBarG Farms SU Butterscotch F1

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