Updated 11/30/2011

All of our breeding stock tested negative for CL and CAE in April 2011.

Our kids this season will be dam-raised. We are feeding herbal supplements to all of our bred does. Our stock receives a daily supplement of black oil sunflower seeds. They are shiny, sleek and beautiful. They also receive top-quality alfalfa hay, 16% dairy goat feed, and free-choice, top-quality mineral with Rumensin and free-choice baking soda. We will post kids on the for sale page as we decide quality and what we will retain for our herd and shows for next year. After kidding and milk-testing in the Spring, several first fresheners will be available will be available. Please contact us for pricing and to place deposits on these top-quality does.

We have participated in Standard 305 DHI with ADGA and AGS during 2011 and will continue in 2012. All does in milk are on test for every breed.

If you are interested in making reservations, please, contact us in one of the two ways on the contact us page. You will be put on a list of interest and contacted when kids are born. No deposit is required.

We reserve the right to retain any animal from any breeding. If there is a particular pairing that you desire that has not taken place or is different than our planned breedings contact us ASAP.  

First and foremost, we breed for milk and conformation to have successful productivity and longevity. We strive to "breed up" with every combination. If you notice the blue-eyed combinations, understand that it was merely accidental. We do not breed for blue-eyes or polled goats.


I became licensed milk testers the summer of 2010 and have a friend that did also. We are planning several one-day tests to be used as a tool to help improve our dairy herd production. If you are in need of a tester please contact us. We would be glad to help.

Nigerian Dwarf goats are dairy goats. Our goal is to provide our customers with productive animals for pleasure, home dairy and show.

I will add breedings to the chart below as breedings occur. At 30 day post breeding all does will be blood tested for confirmation of pregnancy.

*Confirmed means confirmed via BioPryn blood test through BioTracking Lab.

*FF denotes First Freshener


Breedings 2012

Nigerian Dwarf

 Doe Buck  Bred  Due  Comments 
Sachet  Troubadour  8/10 ?  1/2 Confirmed
Sheltie   JJ  8/15 - 9/1  1/7 -1/24  Confirmed
Gala  Gibbs  11/11  4/4  Mini-Mancha F1
Sugar  Scooner  11/14  4/7  Blue possible
Amy (FF)  Flint  11/21  4/14  Blue-eyes
Celebration   Scooner  11/23  4/16  Blue possible
Quiver (FF)  Scooner  11/25  4/18  Blue-eyes
Windy (FF)  Flint  11/26  4/19  Blue possible
Charlotte (FF)  Flint  11/29  4/22 Blue possible
Spring (FF)  Zorro  11/24  4/17  
Krikett   Scooner  11/24  4/17  
Katydid  JJ  11/26  4/19  
Winter (FF)  Flint      
Padme` (FF)        



Breedings 2012

Nubians and LaManchas

Doe Buck Bred Due Comments Breed
Cookie Legend 8/24 1/21 Confirmed LaMancha
Anise Legend 9/16 2/13   LaMancha
Cleo (FF) Legend 9/28 2/25 Confirmed LaMancha
Wildfire (FF) Legend 9/28 2/25 Confirmed LaMancha
Rayne  Scooner 11/18 4/16    F1 Mini-Mancha


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