About us...

We have lived here in the Ozark Mountains in Missouri for the past twenty years. We are a Christian, home schooling family that strives each day for self-sufficiency. We grow our own vegetables from heirloom seeds, hand-milk Jersey cows for milk, cream, butter and cheese, and keep chickens for fresh eggs.  We also sport a pretty big "herd" of guineas that mate and take care of themselves.  They are great for eating the unwanted ticks and chiggers the Ozarks have to offer. Some people think the noise they make is "racket" but, honestly, unless I'm standing next to them, I don't even hear it.

We want to honor our Messiah, the one and only Creator of the Universe, in everything we do. 

"All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made." John 1:3


Nigerian Dwarf, LaMancha, Mini-Mancha and Mini-Nubian Goats 

We are breeders of MDGA and ADGA registered milk goats!

Jersey and Dexter-Jersey Milk Cows

We also have Jersey milk cows. We breed them for milk. All of our stock are gentle enough for children to handle or they don't live here. We love to halter break and train heifers to hand milk. It is so important to do it the right way and not allow bad habits. Please contact us if you are interested in owning your own cow. We are always raising new heifers and keep a milk and/or beef breed bull on site.  We are planning on breeding two or three dairy cross heifers this summer to our Jersey bull. We will be selling some or all of these heifers as bred milk heifers or possibly as "cows in milk" after calving and training them to hand milk.

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